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Lotte Accelerator selects AimBe lab as an investment target

작성자 : admin | 등록일 : 2021. 07. 22 | 조회수 : 139

Lotte Accelerator announced that it has selected startups to invest for the future with L-CAMP (hereinafter referred to as L Camp).





Lotte plans to accelerate the growth of startups by selecting AimBe lab as an investment target and holding a demo day at the end of the L-Camp program as well as investment, to attract follow-up investment and provide opportunities to connect with affiliates.


L-camp provides initial investment, office space, management support (legal, accounting, etc.), and expert mentoring for each field to companies selected for the startup accelerating program. It is characterized by a fast follow-up investment by simplifying the existing process through close management for business growth and a fast track system by assigning the investment review task as a manager in charge of each startup. Connecting startups and affiliates of the Lotte Group to lead not only various collaborations, but also joint investments and practical business connections is one of the differentiated strengths of Lotte Accelerator.


In this screening, the “L-Camp Roundtable” process was newly added before the final screening after general documents and presentation screening. The event was prepared with the intent of the innovation ecosystem to select startups that will lead the innovation of Korea by participating in the selection process of experts who are leading each industry in various fields within the startup ecosystem. As experts, Do-gyun Kwon, CEO of Primer, Jeong-wook Lim, Co-CEO of TBT Partners, Do-Hyeon Kim of Kookmin University, Director Sang-Hwan Sang-Hwan of Naver D2, and Hye-Sung Shin, CEO of Wadiz participated.


In particular, the company plans to match the executive-level field experts of Lotte Group affiliates as mentors to L-camp startups to strengthen practical capabilities and lead to practical collaboration with affiliates.


Lotte Accelerator CEO Young-min Jeon said, “As it is said that a whole village is needed to raise a child, I think that the growth of a startup requires the power of the entire ecosystem.” We will build a system so that you can participate.”