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Securing support from the The Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer

작성자 : admin | 등록일 : 2021. 07. 22 | 조회수 : 129



The Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer announced on the 25th that it has selected AimBe lab Inc. which develops a real-time residual quantity monitoring and trading platform for livestock feed, as a Target of support as a promising company.


The agri venture fostering company is a project conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to support start-up companies that combine advanced technologies such as smart agriculture and green bio, and supports the commercialization of promising companies by supporting a total budget of 6.6 billion won.


In particular, AimBe lab Inc. is developing solutions that utilize cutting-edge technology to digitize the livestock industry, which is relatively marginalized in urban areas and infrastructure, and is expanding its scope with continuous services starting from the management of livestock feed, which is the most important factor for livestock farmers. .


By being selected as an agri venture company, AimBe lab Inc. received intensive support from the The Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer along with commercialization funds, and it is evaluated that it has laid a bridgehead to improve the completeness of the solution and secure the market at an early stage.


CEO Go Byung-soo of AimBe lab Inc. said, "We will cooperate with the Gyeonggi Center to improve the industrial structure with services that reduce customer costs and increase profits."


Gi-Hyun Lee, head of the Gyeonggi Agri Venture Startup Center, promised to support growth for companies in the city, saying, "We will support the convergence industry and development of the primary industry with promising companies such as AimBe lab Inc."