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Bluepoint Partners selects 9 tech-startup teams

작성자 : admin | 등록일 : 2021. 07. 22 | 조회수 : 193


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Blue Point Partners (CEO Lee Yong-kwan) announced on the 10th that they selected the final nine teams by hosting B. Grow, an agro-food tech startup accelerating program.

Begroow is a startup commercialization support program hosted by the Agricultural Technology Practicalization Foundation (Chairman Park Chul-woong) and BluePoint Partners to find and foster early founders in the agricultural and food technology sector. Various high-tech innovative startups such as agriculture, livestock, and gardening supported it, showing a high competition rate of 16:1.

Seven teams including △ Deer Plant △ Research Institute of Living and Oriental Medicine △ IO Food △ Today's Flower △ Aimbi Lab △ Culture Labs and △ Damoatech △ Shellpaspace were selected for the advanced track.

These startups will receive professional mentoring of BluePoint, 15 million won in commercialization support, and investor networking opportunities for about three months until October. In addition, BluePoint Partners' initial investment will continue depending on its final accelerating performance.

The final results will be revealed through the demo, which will be held in October.

"We will continue to support innovative startups with high-tech technologies such as digital and bio to become the main characters in the agricultural sector through the non-groove program," said Hong Young-ho, head of the foundation's start-up growth division.

"The Ag-Tech sector has a stronger technology impact than any other field to sustain human life," said Kim Yong-gun, vice president of BluePoint Partners. "We will do our best to find and nurture startups in Korea."