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'AimbeLAB' the 3rd incubation company at the Startup support center

작성자 : admin | 등록일 : 2021. 07. 22 | 조회수 : 42

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs' Startup Support Center has been operating a start-up childcare center since March last year, and has signed a moving-in contract with the third company this year, starting with two companies in 2019.


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Aimbelab, is a start-up company that established its business in April this year by Ko Byung-soo, a former discharged soldier.

Although Aimbelab, a company that develops and sells apps and web platforms that are linked to 3D Lidar scanning devices, is a start-up company that is only 4 months old, it received positive reviews by participating in various startup support programs.

CEO Ko Byung-soo said, "Aimbelab is planning to enter the agricultural and livestock industries through this technology." "As an innovative start-up company in the high-tech agricultural technology sector, I think it is also a suitable item for the recent trend, non-face-to-face economic era."

"As technological development in the agricultural industry has a great impact on human life, the introduction of high-tech technologies such as autonomous driving will help increase competitiveness through changes and innovation in the industry as a whole," CEO Koh added.

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs' Startup Support Center, located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, is the only military support center nationwide to support startups.

It provides more systematic and professional start-up support services to prospective start-ups through cooperation with start-up counseling, education and training support, and the operation and related agencies of support programs suitable for start-up trends.

It also discovers prospective military entrepreneurs with potential and provides systematic consulting and mentoring and networking of advisors to foster the capabilities of prospective and early entrepreneurs and promote start-up commercialization.

Even after the start-up, he is in charge of helping to generate and maintain stable profits through continuous follow-up management such as management diagnosis.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Military Support Center will continue to discover various start-up support programs and hold briefing sessions, and any member of the military and his or her family can participate.