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AI Startup AimbeLab, selected as a supporting company for overseas expansion

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AmbiLab (CEO Ko Byung-soo), a smart farm startup that is serving Every Farm, has been selected as a support company for overseas expansion organized by Gyeonggi-do Province.

With corporate activities shrinking amid fears of Pandemics around the world, Gyeonggi Province is finding promising companies with competitive edge to succeed in entering overseas markets. Among them, Aim Be Lab Inc., a corporation, introduced its own technology that combines AI and AR by reading the characteristics of future industries, and gained great popularity from British investors to create a bridgehead for overseas expansion.

Amby Lab, which is developing a livestock management solution by providing AI analysis data that implements visualization with AR, is focusing on increasing productivity of both livestock farmers and livestock feed companies that are stakeholders in the livestock market. According to the company, development is currently successfully underway, which can prevent losses of about 1.7 trillion won per year in Korean beef farms.

Aimbi Lab's service is considered to be a strength of its simplicity in the localization process, and it is considered to be an optimal item in terms of preparing for changes in the recent trend, the non-face-to-face economic era.

"At first, we started to develop technology without specifying a market, but we felt sorry for the pain that we are experiencing in livestock farms," said AmbyLab's Lee Chang-hwan. "We have already done basic testing on livestock companies in Gyeonggi-do and Chungcheong-do."

"We will speed up our overseas expansion by using local market research and networking with British investors as a bridgehead," said Ko Byung-soo, CEO of Ambibilab.

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