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Aimbe lab, networking with overseas investors with support from Gyeonggi-Province, Korea

작성자 : admin | 등록일 : 2021. 07. 22 | 조회수 : 73



Gyeonggi province-International companies online investment briefing

Photo source: Gyeonggi-do




Gyeonggi-do and Gyeonggi-do Economics and Science Promotion Agency held online investment briefing sessions and business conferences simultaneously for British venture investment companies (VCs) and British companies wishing to do business with Korea at the Global R&D Center in Pangyo, Seongnam from the 23rd to the 25th.


Aimbe lab Inc. is a smart livestock management solution that measures feed silos using artificial intelligence and sensors, and provides innovative services to both livestock farmers and feed companies with its unique data processing capabilities. The possibility of entering the world as a smart livestock franchise in the future is strong, and it is attracting attention from a number of investors and buyers.


On the 25th, Aimbe labs signed a business agreement with GLW, the UK's largest livestock and specialty feed manufacturer.


Since Brexit, the UK needs to cooperate with regions other than the European Union (EU), and interest in the growth of bio-healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) and data among national strategic industries is increasing.


Accordingly, Province set up a meeting place with promising startups, Aimbe lab, and British companies and venture capitalists.


In particular, it is expected that the sector combined with IT can be an opportunity for business expansion at the same time for companies in Gyeonggi-do, the center of Korea's high-tech industry, and UK companies developing new businesses.


Ryu Ho-guk, head of the Gyeonggi Investment Promotion Division, said, “In IT, the importance of collaboration between companies is increasing due to Corona 19. Especially, collaboration between UK and Gyeonggi-do companies that strengthen cooperation with Asia after Brexit is very timely. We will support foreign investment attraction and business discovery that will increase efficiency at low cost by making full use of its strengths.”


Reporter Kim Jeong-hee