MyFeed Overview

We strive to be a pioneer in the primary industry
through a global digital transformation in livestock farming,
enhancing productivity and enabling sustainable growth.

The Feed costs accounting for livestock farm expenditures.


(of the production cost)

*Korean Breeding Cattle (per unit): production cost \3.5 million, feed cost \1.6 million *Korean Beef Cattle (per 100kg): production cost \1.2 million, feed cost \0.42 million

Conventional feed monitoring method

Climbing up a silo to check the quantity of feed from the top
Estimate feed quantity through sound by hitting the silo with a rubber hammer

  • Inaccurate estimation
  • Unnecessary human labor
  • Frequent accidents

Conventional feed ordering method

Farm owners frequently calls the feed companies.
Feed companies making outbound calls to livestock farmers

  • Ordering below or over the required amount
  • Missing the optimum time to order

1% in price and installation time compared to conventional methods

Infrastructure building

AI based Low-cost
feed monitoring IOT system

New experience

Overcoming the limitations of the offline platform

Sustainable livestock farming

Utilize data
Devise a logistics system


  • First step

    Decrease shipping costs and carbon emissions by applying 'MyFeed' solutions to 20 million feed silos worldwide.

  • Second step

    50% of the global livestock industry practicians to facilitate 'MyFeed' platform to trade.
    Enable a digital transformation in the livestock industry based on the accumulated data.