Solution Introduction

Experience efficient feed management with
Myfeed measuring device·app·ERP·data analysis solution.

‘Myfeed’ provides a livestock solution covering







Measuring IOT device

Feed Manager

‘Feed Manager’ measures the quantity of feed inside a silo. The data can be monitored through the ‘Myfeed’ app.

Measures the temperature and humidity to estimate contamination and feed condition inside a silo.

‘Feed Manager’ is can be self-installed in 10 minutes, not requiring any professional installation.

The device is powered with batteries easily found in any supermarket. Doesn’t require complicated electrical installation.

Real-time monitoring


Can monitor the quantity‧temperature‧humidity of feed inside a silo through the application platform

Users can monitor the daily, monthly, yearly consumption of their feed in real-time through the app platform.

When feed is highly depleted or there are signs of contamination the app provides an alarm to the users

Inventory and sales


Monitor feed of the client farms, establish a delivery plan, and reduce the number of unnecessary deliveries.

An alarm is given when client farms are low on feed or if there are signs of contamination in the silo.

We can manage product inventory, raw material warehousing, and sales through the ERP.

You can check the remaining amount of feed from the client farms and promote your feed products.

Delivery management


You can check the delivery drivers nationwide and request delivery.

Track the start of feed delivery and the completion of feed delivery in real time.

An app that shows delivery destination and feed volume to delivery drivers.

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