'Be AIMBEtious'

We bring human prosperity by overcoming challenges under a clear vision.

Core Value


As the alphabet starts with A and B we focus on the basics

Autonomy and Responsibility

‘AIM BECOMES’. We set and accomplish our goals


As a variation of the word ‘Ambitious’ we pursue for high ideals

Creativity and technology

As a ‘LAB’ we enable sustainable growth through continuous research


Team Leaders

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Experienced livestock farmer
11 years of experience in Statistics/Analysis

Former ROK army major
Majored in military science, Law in the ROK army.
Worked at UN UNIFIL, U.S. Fort Leonard Wood and at ROK Joint Chiefs of staff.
Accumulated diverse experience in managing and operating organizations and programs with leadership and responsibility.

Brought up in a livestock farm and having related experiences,
Our company’s intention is to expand the usage of digital
information and accelerate the feed industry’s slow shift to the 4th industrial revolution.
We aim to manage investments, HR, and the direction of our company for the
digital transformation of feed companies and industries.


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Clear vision sharing

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Converged under
a shared vision

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Exercise Initiative

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New challenge, trust
and teamwork

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Willing to take foreseeable risks

Clear vision sharing

Without a destination it is impossible to navigate, and without a target it is not possible to aim.
Aimbelab seeks to resolve the problems of livestock farms through accomplishing a digital transformation in the feed industry.
Furthermore, we share a vision to bring human prosperity through innovation in the primary industry.

Converged under a shared vision

There are different team members performing various tasks.
The effectiveness of a team is increased with the presence of a shared goal.
Aimbelab work under this shared goal.

Exercise initiative

Aimbelab members have autonomy within shared rules.
Individuals can take the initiative and show their capabilities to the fullest.
Individuals make their own decisions in procedures, managing time, and selecting locations to conduct various tasks.
However, we emphasize that freedom entails responsibility.

New challenge, trust, and teamwork

Roads did not exist from the beginning.
It gradually formed as people started taking a route over again and again.
If there isn’t a way, we can find a new path.
Aimbelab will venture and establish new paths based on trust and teamwork.

Willing to Take Risks

Important decisions are made by assessing the risks and finding ways to resolve problems.
Aimbelab is equipped with a risk-taking mindset. We do not fear change.
By overcoming difficulties, we will challenge the limits.