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Easy livestock feed management with your smartphone.
Experience the next level with Myfeed.

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We innovate the inefficient livestock industry

through modern technology.

Total livestock feed management data solution

‘Myfeed’, from feed measuring to data processing.

‘Myfeed’ provides several benefits

Explore the advantages provided to feed companies and farm owners.

Efficient Companies 

partnering with ‘Myfeed’

We support companies to increase efficiency 

in their work processes.

Enhance your company 

with ‘Myfeed’.

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Product & 

Delivery Management

· Feed monitoring client farms’ feed quantity and conditions
· Feed depletion alarm when low on feed.
· Devise feed delivery plan
· Delivery situation management
· Inventory / sales / inventory management

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Efficient Companies 

partnering with ‘Myfeed’

We aid farms to create 

a productive management environment

Experience our solution provided 

to livestock farms.

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Real time Monitoring 

in your hand

· Real-time feed quantity monitoring inside a silo
· Provide feed depletion alarm
· Provide feed condition alarm

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‘Myfeed’ Benefits

Efficient Feed

Price & Labor

Online Platform

CO2 Reduction

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