Feed Manager

Self-Install Feed Monitoring Service

Easy installation
Low price
Feed manager

'Feed Manager'analyzeds the estimated feed exhaustion date,
temperature, humidty, feed contatmination and hardening
inside a silo.

Livestock farm
With my smart device

Monitor and manage the feed stored
in silos with your smartphone

From job openings to expert matching
A pioneering livestock farming platform

Experience a variety of services on our
‘MyFeed’ application platform

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Gyeonggi-do, overseas investment support for AimBe lab

The Gyeonggi Provincial Government visited Aimbe lab on June 1 to discuss cooperation for future growth. Currently, Gyeonggi-do has selected Aimbe lab as a promising company in the province and is providing support for overseas investment and business growth. In particular, high expectations are placed on the growth potential of AimBe lab, which will become a major platform for the primary industry in the future. Gyeonggi-do and Aimbe lab are expected to achieve great results throughout the indus...

Securing support from the The Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer

The Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer announced on the 25th that it has selected AimBe lab Inc. which develops a real-time residual quantity monitoring and trading platform for livestock feed, as a Target of support as a promising company. The agri venture fostering company is a project conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to support start-up companies that combine advanced technologies such as smart agriculture and green bio, and supports the comm...

Lotte Ventures invests in Aimbelab

Lotte Ventures, the corporate-led venture capital of the Lotte Group, announced on May 25 that it has signed an initial stage (seed) investment contract with AimBe lab Inc. which develops a livestock feed measurement and trading platform. AimBe lab Inc. is helping livestock farmers and feed companies to improve productivity and save costs by overcoming the limitations of the offline market implied by the livestock industry and online. Currently, the method of measuring the remaining amount of fee...

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